Vale Report – 2017

It has been another difficult six months for us at Vale. With two of the band being servers they are not always able to ring for the full time prior to the service.  Barry, who started learning last year, has had to give up ringing, hopefully temporarily due to illness. He did, however, ring his first quarter peal, on 24th September

Harry White, who had been a stalwart member of the band passed away in November. A quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles was rung open in his memory. After his funeral 240 Grandsire Doubles was rung.

With the exception of a couple of Sunday mornings we have been able to ring for the 10 30 service.  Calling the faithful to worship and reminding those not so faithful of the Church’s presence in the Vale.

Our quarter peal’s have again been few and far between. Of worthy mention is Nicky’s 900th quarter peal rung on 17th December.

As I write the Vale Church is closed for redecoration and a big thank you to Peter Gallienne and the Forest Church for allowing us to practice there of a Monday night. We should be back to the Vale on 4th March if all goes well and nothing nasty is found when the roof is inspected.


6th Feb     1260 Grandsire Doubles

2nd Sep     1260 Doubles in 6 methods and 1 principle

24th Sep    1260 Plain Bob Doubles. Jointly cond. First quarter, Barrie Linnecor

2nd Oct     1260 Plain Bob Minor

5th Nov     1260 Doubles in 3 methods & 6 variations. Most methods to a quarter, Olivia

15th Nov    1260 Grandsire Doubles. Rung open in celebration of the life of Harry White

17th Dec    1260 Doubles in 6 methods and 5 variations. 900th quarter peal Nicly

24th Dec    1260 Doubles in 2 methods

Mike Bubb

Tower Captain