Autumn Meeting Sept 2022

Agenda Sept 17th 2022, Wells House, Alderney


A minutes silence for HM The Queen

Remembering Rich Uzzell (Ay) died 3rd Sept

Apologies – Jersey en bloc due to impossibility of a day return

Notification of AOB

Minutes Sept 2021 – available:

Autumn Meeting September 2021

Matter arising. Amend minutes of Sept 2021 ADM:

Heather Winder – in the winning band Sept 2021 was present at the first competition/inaugural meeting as one of the 8 members of the Alderney band who were hosting the event ( but she was not in the competition team that year. Heather was the Alderney Tower Secretary at the time.)

Election of New members: Alexis Martin (Full, Ay), Sally Vos (Probationary Ay)

Reports – treasurer’s report:

Ringing master’s report

Election of officers – chair (nominations please), Secretary (nominations please) ringing master, treasurer, website moderator

Update on transfer to SDG – Jane

Invitation to visitors from W&P and SDG to address the meeting

Date and venues of meetings in 2023

AOB – new trophy for 6 bell competition


Minutes Sept 17th 2022, Wells House, Alderney

Jane Le Conte (chair) welcomed the 24 District members and 4 Guild Alderney at this unprecedented time. There was, of course discussion about whether the ADM should proceed in this time of national mourning, and after discussion decided that we could carry on as long as we did not ring at St Annes church and kept a low profile regarding the day as a whole. Of course had the meeting been scheduled on Guernsey or Jersey we would have cancelled, but having Wells Bells which cannot be heard outside made this meeting possible and so we must thank Helen and Peter for their unfailing hospitality and for this rather lovely venue for the business meeting.

In the year when the Channel Islands will transfer from being a district of the W&P to a branch of the SDG we are delighted to welcome representatives from both guilds, Rachel Barber, W&P master and her daughter Ellen, and Bob and Chris Purnell who are both vice-presidents of the SDG, Bob having also held the position of master. We are delighted they have travelled to be with us today and hope that you all enjoy your visit to Alderney.

Now I ask you to stand to observe a 2 minute silence in memory of Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Next we remembered Rich Uzzell (Ay) who died 3rd September. Helen told the meeting Rich died  just 3 weeks after his wife. Rich was a mature learner who was a delight to teach. A lovely sense of humour & a very gentle man whom we all miss very much

Apologies for absence – Jersey en bloc due to impossibility of a day return travel. Joseph & Olly Blake, Janice Firth, Donny Brock, (all TC). Donald Hughes (Ay). Mike Bubb and Peter Gallienne (Vale)

No other AOB apart from 1 item already on the agenda

Minutes Sept 2021 – available on website

Autumn Meeting September 2021

Matter arising. Amend minutes of Sept 2021 ADM:

Heather Winder – in the winning band Sept 2021 was present at the first competition/inaugural meeting as one of the 8 members of the Alderney band who were hosting the event ( but she was not in the competition team that year. Heather was the Alderney Tower Secretary at the time.)

With this amendment the minutes were proposed by Jennifer Hill, seconded by Judy Hall and unanimously accepted

Election of New members: Alexis Martin (Full, Ay), Sally Vos (Probationary Ay), Reta Gordon (Probationary Vale), Tamzin Woodward (Full St Peter’s). Rebecca Harrison & Ryan Milton (both full TC). Additionally Petra Beck (Ay) was ‘promoted’ from Probationary member to Full.

Proposed en-bloc by Duncan Loweth, seconded by June Banister, unanimously agreed

Reports: Peter Routier (Treasurer) had previously had his report added to the website:

Showing a healthy balance of £6356, the meeting was reminded to apply for Youth Travel Grants when appropriate. Acceptance of the report was proposed by Duncan Loweth, seconded by Tim Wainwright, unanimously accepted.

John David wondered if we were adhering strictly to the requirements of the Register of Charities, Tim Wainwright thought we might be eligible to de-list? Duncan will check with Peter Routier

Ringing master’s report. Duncan declared how good it was to see recruitment happening throughout the district. Pleasing to know that good method knowledge was evident and all Services were being rung for. Keep up the good work

Election of officers – Chairman – Jane was standing down, no nominations were received so this post is currently vacant. Secretary  – Helen was standing down, Jennifer Hill was proposed by Paul Lawrence, seconded by Tim Wainwright – elected unanimously. Peter Routier was prepared to remain Treasurer & Peter Bevis content to remain website moderator – both proposed by Jeremy Penrose-Stupart and seconded by Helen Rolf – elected unanimously

Jane Le Conte brought the meeting up to date with the CI transfer to the Salisbury Diocese, A press release had informed the public that Jersey’s attachment to Salisbury had been approved. Although Guernsey had yet to pass the necessary legislation (waiting for Sark & Alderney to legislate) the date of a service to celebrate the transfer at Salisbury Cathedral had been fixed as 17th Nov. We therefore have every expectation that matters are proceeding apace

Invitation to visitors from W&P and SDG to address the meeting:

Rachael Barber (Master W&P) : Commenced her address with a short poem then thanked Jane Le Conte for the kind invitation to attend the meeting, and to you all for the friendly hospitality that Ellen and I have received, particularly from and Helen and Peter who are generously putting us up for the weekend. This is my first ‘official’ engagement as Guild Master, so I have really appreciated your warm welcome!

It’s been an exceptional week for bellringers. The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was, despite her age and remarkably long reign, somewhat unexpected. But I’ve been really impressed with the determination and commitment from ringers throughout the W&P, in dropping everything to rush to their Tower to muffle bells, and provide their Parish and Communities a fitting tribute, in whatever way they could. One of the things I like most about the way that ringing is reported by the Ringing World and Bellboard now, is the acknowledgement of ringing performances that are not necessarily Quarter Peals or Peals, and that the efforts of all bellringers are being recognised and recorded. It’s important that we value every ringer in our Tower, whatever level of experience or age they may be…..and it’s clear today that enthusiasm and encouragement of ringers at all levels, is actively occurring in the Channel Island Towers, for which you should be applauded. However, without wishing to contradict myself, I would also like to congratulate Oliver Blake and Donny Brock, for achieving their first Peal at St Peter Port on Tuesday!

But….you are leaving us! We’ve now reached the final stages of your transfer to the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers, and we come to the time when we must part ways (in administration terms, at least!). The Channel Island Towers have been affiliated to the Winchester & Portsmouth Guild for around 50 years, becoming an official District in 1981, and during this time, a strong association and friendship has formed. The Channel Island District has never been a “sleeping partner” despite the obvious challenges of distance, not only from the mainland, but also from each other. Over the years key posts in the Guild have been filled, with ringers from your District: Mike Bubb acting as Treasurer for many years, and the late David Strong serving as Master. Channel Island ringers have contributed as members of the Belfry Stewardship and Education Committees, and were notable contributors to the Guild’s World War One Centenary Commemoration project. I know I speak on behalf of the entire Guild, when I say that we will miss every aspect of our association, and are very sad to see you leave. However, like a family contemplating their child leaving home to go to university, our sadness is tempered with the knowledge, that you’re heading off into a new adventure, where you’re going to have fun and be happy! It’s not a perfect analogy, I know, but I hope you understand my meaning. Our very best wishes go to both you and the Salisbury Diocesan Guild, as you start this new relationship, and we wish you both every success. And in a similar vein to words once spoken by Winnie-the-Pooh, I’ll finish by saying “How lucky we were to have something, that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Bob Purnell then addressed the meeting on behalf of SDG of which both he and his wife are VP’s. Bob explained that the new Master of SDG – Vicki Rowse – had some new idea of use to make of VP’s which included sending them ‘out & about’ so here he is. Bob described the Guild as having a rural flavour, mostly 6 bell towers often with lovely names eg Fontwell Magna, Ryme Intrinsica & Piddlehinton. There’s a good 12 bell band at Wimborne Minster and although Salisbury is a beautiful Cathedral it has no bells. The Guild was over a 100 miles long before you joined – now it is considerably longer! The Guild does however extend to Weymouth & Poole on the south coast so hopefully you will be able to take part in some of the guild activities – not least in the Annual Festival next May in Dorchester

Date and venues of meetings in 2023 – April 29th 2023 in UK. 8 bell striking competition piece will be Little Bob Major and the touch (WHWHs) x 2 & Sept 16th 2023 @ Vale

AOB – new trophy for 6 bell competition. Helen McGregor explained that the Taylor Shield was given to the district 40 yrs ago & is fabulous, however the back is now covered with mini-shields in what seems now to be a very haphazard order:-( The Taylor shield was given to the District by Ay with a proviso that if the competition ever folded it would live out the rest of its days on Ay. It is a substantial piece of kit – it weighs over 11kg. Ay are the current holders. An Ay ringer came up with the idea of replacing the shield with a more manageable trophy which can have the names of the winners engraved on a plaque on the rear – so folk can readily see who won when. The trophy is -like the Jack Worrall 8 bell trophy – made from the old Ay oak frame replaced when we augmented. It weighs a much more manageable 1.6kg & has 2 solid silver plaques – one on the front & 1 on the rear. This idea found favour with the whole Ay band & they hope the District will consider that a worthy (& more practical ) successor has been provided. Nicky David complained that the District should have been consulted. Helen replied that we suspected if we’d asked the District then the whole project would have been delayed hugely

Duncan graciously accepted the new trophy on behalf of the District but requested that in 40 years time when we want to change it again we consult the wider membership

Nicky David proposed a vote of thanks to Jane and Helen as they had stepped down from the committee

Striking Competition Results: The competition had been judged by the 4 Guild reps, Bob Purnell read the results

The team which rang first (Ay Blonde Hedgehogs) rang plain hunt on 5 in 4 mins 29 secs (peal time 3hrs 8min) – a bit slow given the weight of the bells. A steady piece of ringing with only a very few faults & even those were well spaced throughout the piece. Very pleasant to listen to. 27 points

The team which rang next (Ay Puffiins) rang plain courses of Grandsire Doubles at a peal speed of 3hrs 5mins. A cracking piece of ringing which was very enjoyable to listen to. 12 points

The third team to ring (TC) maintained a peal time of 2hrs 55mins but had too many trips 42 points

The next team (scratch) rang call changes at a peal speed of 2hrs 54, most faults were with poor leading making it hard to pick out where one change ended and the next one began. 38 points

The final team to ring (Forest/St Peters) rang plain courses of bob doubles – they had the fastest peal time of 2hrs 45 but had too many mistakes at the beginning and although they did settle down the damage was done. 42 points

1st place – Ay Puffins. 2nd were Ay Blonde Hedgehogs, joint 3rd were TC & Forest/St Peters. The scratch band can’t be awarded a place of course

Jane pointed out that TC had broken new ground as they competed with only 5 ringers & that Duncan had rung 2 bells. He was congratulatedJ