A message from the Master

In light of the feedback we received at the spring meeting at St Pierre du Bois we would like to propose the following tweaks to the rules of the 8 bell competition.  The intention is to have the short meeting before the competition where we will vote on the changes.  To save time we will not have a discussion at the meeting, only the vote, so NOW is the time to discuss the proposals in towers and feedback to us your comments.  We will happily forward any feedback to all towers so everyone is aware of everyone’s opinion.  The proposals are intended to help everyone to focus on improving their striking for the competition, ring their best on the day, include everyone who attends and leave plenty of time for general ringing.
1. Replace the District team with a scratch team to include any ringers attending the day who are not part of their island’s team as the 4th band in the competition
2. Remove the 15 min of practice time for visiting towers but allow each team 10 min practice before their test piece instead of 2.
3. Teams may ring any true touch of triples or major of length 224 changes. A team may ring a minimum of 224 called changes but this must be made known in advance so the judge is prepared.
Thanks, Duncan

a weekend on Guernsey

Grandma duties required me to spend a weekend on Guernsey……and it was an easy decision to extend it forwards to arrive on Thurs so I could go to a wonderful friendly TC practice….a whirlwind of Cambridge S Minor, Hull S Minor, St Simon’s, St Martin’s, bob triples and of course some Scotter S Minor kept me on my toes. Handbells on Fri night brushed off my Oxford TB and on Saturday it was a pure delight to be invited into Olivia’s first ever handbell qtr:
Thanks TC:-)

Congratulations Olivia

Olivia Palmer rang her first QP in hand today. Considering how little time she has spent ringing handbells we were expecting to have to talk her through large sections. We could not have been more wrong. Olivia was rock solid for the first extent with a lovely rhythm which made for very enjoyable ringing. The second extent suffered only slightly from fatigue but was still of a high standard. Afterwards we had to double check that she had not secretly rung a few peals without us knowing – we were seriously impressed.
What next for Olivia? We hope to get her ringing the other pairs for bob Minor and looking at the new pattern needed to extend up to bob major. Keep an eye on BellBoard, I doubt she will dawdle!

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Alderney outing to Surrey

10 Alderney ringers went to Surrey on Sat Oct 7th on a Tower Outing – for some it was their first ever outing!!. We were joined by 5 UK ringers and together we rang at Redhill, Reigate, Bletchingley, Godstone and Caterham. Most of the towers had 8 bells but 2 towers had 10 bells. Most of the towers had the heaviest bell about the same weight as ours but 3 towers had much heavier bells – we very much enjoyed the challenges these variations presented us with, after all variety is the spice of life

We had learned a special method for the outing – Surrey Surprise Major and we rang that well. With the support of our UK friends the Alderney ringers were able to revise some of the more challenging methods in our repertoire – Bristol, Cambridge & Yorkshire Surprise Major also Grandsire Triples and Grandsire Caters

Photo shows: Philippa Arditti, Aaron Hallett, Aileen Wilson, Jane Trought & Donald Hughes ringing call changes at Bletchingley

World Peace Day

Many thanks to all the towers which rang in some way on Thursday for World Peace. Roy Sarre is keen to make a bigger use of the bells next year and will endeavour to get in touch earlier next year to organise. Saying that it’s the same date next year so do put it in the diary now.

Hawkear at ADM

Annual District Meeting 17 September, 2017. Photo: Victoria McAllister

Annual District Meeting 17 September, 2017. Photo: Victoria McAllister

I am pleased to report that the captains of each team entering the 6 bell on Alderney on Sept 16th have now received a Hawkear printout of each of their team member’s individual performances
Here on Alderney we have been working with these printouts for some time and are gradually making more & more use of them as our ringing improves. Routinely we record all Service/Performance ringing and as long as we remember to keep a list of who rang where we find it very helpful in reducing an individual’s consistent errors. We have also learned that Hawkear won’t analyse anything if we don’t all stand on the command ie if some bells strike in more rows than others it can’t cope & if the tenor cover is very very slow it puts it as leading for the next row instead!! In this way it gently reminds us that it was designed for the National 12 bell competition but these reminders are becoming less frequent. Interestingly it can’t manage half muffled ringing – the lines generated looked like a work of modern art☺
So that everyone has something to aim for I am pleased to announce that Hawkear has crowned Justin as The Best Ringer of the Day with a most impressive individual score – 27 – while ringing the tenor of the back 6 to Cambridge!!! – many congratulations☺

Wells Bells – Inaugural Ring

Inaugural Ring @ Wells Bells – The Channel islands’ Ringing Centre

Thurs 7th Sept 2017

The First Ring – Rounds and call changes were rung:

1.    Peter J R Bevis

2.    Aileen Wilson

3.    George Wyatt (bell hanger)

4.    Helen M McGregor

5.    June Banister

6.    Philippa Arditti

7.    Maurice Stupart

8.    Donald Hughes

With the changes called by Trevor Blades from outside the circle

This was followed by plain hunt on 7, a course of bob major and half a course of Yorkshire.

Single bells were rung by Jane Robinson, Bruce James,

Jeremy Stupart and Helen Blades


Finally: 1280 Plain Bob Major in 44 mins

1.    Helen M McGregor

2.    Aileen Wilson

3.    Mariko Whyte

4.    Julian Ferrar

5.    George E Wyatt

6.    Peter J R Bevis

7.   – 8. Matthew R T Higby (C)

First qtr peal on the bells