New Ringing Resources

New ringing resources for you to download:

‘Engaging with the Public’ Leaflet

Ideas and tips to successfully engage the public with your ringing and associated activities: Easy to use ‘mix-and-match’ format to help you to put together the ideas which will work for you locally.
Produced by The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR) Public Relations Committee.

Bell Ringing Flyer

Flyers for you to give to members of the public with a section for your tower or association/guild/society details (contacts, ringing times, website, Facebook, etc).
Originally produced for Peak 2015 International Scout & Guide Camp and the Derby Diocesan Association, now approved by CCCBR.

Both can be downloaded from the CCCBR website:

Spring Meeting

Spring Meeting April 28th 2018, St John’s Jersey

The set touch for this years 8 Bell striking competition will be 252 changes of Plain Bob Triples.  The composition is three homes. 

I would appreciate it if you could let me know when you have confirmed your travel plans as then I can look at the schedule for the weekend.



Guild Striking Competitions

19th May – Inter tower Guild 6 and 8 bell competitions.
8 bell competition at East Tytherley
6 bell competition at Lockerley
In a break from the traditional morning competition, and to allow for your Peals, Quarter peals and street parties for the royal wedding, we are proposing a 6pm start, probably followed by gathering in a pub to celebrate or drown our sorrows. 
16th June – Inter-district Guild 8 bell competition.
St Michael, Basingstoke  – 1pm start followed by the Guild service and AGM. 
15th September – Inter-district Guild 10 bell competition.
All Saint, East Meon  – 10 am start.

Any questions please feel free to contact me
Pete Jordan  –  [email protected]

Les Cloches des Îles

As you may have noticed there has been no issue 66, February 2018 of Les Cloches des Îles, our bi-annual news magazine. Few can now remember Issue 1, published over 30 years ago, but it is clearly a venerable institution. However its time has come. The day of the print magazine is over. Paper is dead. Long live the internet.

CIbells was always planned to be the successor to Les Cloches des Îles, which as a bi-annual print magazine could never provide up to date news. As issues are lost over time, the contents of back issues cannot readily be located. A web site “blog” is different. Firstly ANY MEMBER can post directly to the blog by sending it an email to [email protected].  Rather than everyone having a mailing list of every other member, plus any other interested parties, any news or matters of interest can be published to cibells instantly and viewed by all.

Of course everyone has to look to find the information, but I believe and hope that over the next few years we will all learn that is the place to look. It is, as usual, up to everyone to make this work. And if anyone out there feels strongly enough that this is the wrong approach, remember that as the new newsletter editor – you could publish it once again. But if the job is mine, cibells is the solution I favour.

I did plan to wait to see which towers would remember to send me copy for Les Cloches des Îles – which I would then post here. Not many is the answer and so I have sent out a reminder. Please be more proactive in July. I really don’t want to have to be a nag.