UK novices on Alderney

Novice bellringers from Warwickshire, Edinburgh, Cumbria, Dumfries and Winchester travelled to Alderney for a week of intensive tuition July 22 – 26th. The course was designed by Helen McGregor to provide ample opportunity for the novices to get to grips with the fundamentals of bellringing. Making very good use of Wells Bells, the simulator and handbells and with occasional access to St Anne’s bells the novices have made great strides in their understanding of the structure of methods and their ability to deliver them whilst ringing. The very experienced Alderney bellringers provided invaluable support and encouragement throughout the week, assisting with explanations and providing steady ringing enabling the students to practice their Kaleidoscope ringing, early hunting, raising and lowering. Alderney ringers Helen McGregor and Aileen Wilson are both qualified tutors with the Association of Ringing Teachers and very much enjoyed delivering the very first ‘Improve your Bellringing’ course on Alderney.
Photo: L-R, Helen McGregor, Lynne Sydes, Ziggy Jenkins, Neils Benatur, Aileen Wilson, Philip Geary & Chris Lamb