Moving the ADM – Sept 19th 2020 ADM to be held on Guernsey

The Alderney band – faced with the reality that Jersey will be unable to join us in Sept 2020 for the ADM if we retain the opportunity to host the meeting – surrender that option.
We are most anxious that any reference to ‘moving the venue to another island’ is couched in terms which reflect our surrendering the option is NOT because we don’t want to/can’t host it but because we want to give every island the best chance of attending.
This is to be considered a one-off surrendering, we fervently hope that present inter-island travel difficulties will not persist too far into the future.
The Alderney Band

Ay youngsters go to Jsy

Alderney young ringers – Aaron & Olo – enjoyed a tremendous weekend of ringing, zipwire, cinema and pizza on Jersey Nov 23/24th. Having an opportunity to ring on different bells & with other Young Ringers was a tremendously valuable experience. We were extremely grateful to Justin & Louise for all the arrangemnets and to them, Peter & Jo and Richard for accommodating us all. Helen & Aileen