The Inter-Island 8 bell competition

When Alderney augmented their 6 bells to 12 in the autumn of 2013 they became the last of the 3 islands to have at least one tower capable of practicing triples and major. The Inter-Island 8 bell competition was born.

Not only did Alderney have new bells but St Anne’s now boasted a new frame too. An Alderney craftsman was able to turn part of the old oak frame into a magnificent carved bell to be the trophy for the new competition. Long time stalwart of Jersey ringing – Jack Worrall – had recently passed away and with his family’s permission the new trophy was named in his honour.

A set piece is chosen by the committee every autumn to be competed for in the following spring.

The trophy has been won:

2014 Grandsire Triples Jersey
2015 Plain Bob Major Jersey
2016 Grandsire Triples Alderney
2017 Plain Bob Major Jersey
2018 Plain BobTriples Jersey
2019 Little bob Major Alderney
2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19
2021 Bastow Major Guernsey