Youth Travel Fund

A new initiative to assist young ringers travelling to ring (& learn thereby) at towers away from their home island

Rules for Youth Travel
1. A young ringer is defined as a ringer who has yet to celebrate his/her 19th birthday (on the date of travel) & who is not in full time employment
2. The grant is only available for travel to District events eg (but not ltd to) District meetings, District outings, District training days,
3. The fund will be replenished annually at the Sept ADM with an amount being proposed by the treasurer & to be agreed by the membership present
4. Applications to be sent to the secretary a minimum of 2 months prior to the date of travel giving name, date of birth & event travelling to & total cost of the travel envisaged. 5. Applications will be considered by the full committee
7. The committees decision is final

Since opening the fund we have held a raffle at every meeting, received ££ from sponsored walks, the ‘profit’ on lunches and  generous donations from striking competition judges who waive all/part of their fare – all to the tune of over £600. Grants of @£25 have been made on 6 occasions to date with 3 more promised for January 2017. The committee has now increased the grant to be £50 per young ringer with 2 grants paid for Spring 2019 rolled forward to Sept ’19.

Tower captains – email your requests for funding to Helen please