Alderney news

The Alderney ringers are delighted to record that June Banister has passed the highest level of the Learning the Ropes pathway to success in ringing & is now a qualified Change Ringer. The training scheme was launched 5 years ago – there are only 79 ‘graduates’ so far reaching Level 5 and two of them are on Alderney:-)

Maurice will be enjoying his 93rd birthday on Weds 13th Dec so at practice on Mon 11th we rang 93 changes of Cambridge Minor (SBP(P))before singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and enjoying a slice of birthday cake

what an achievement

I have just seen on bellboard:

St Peter Apostle and Martyr (Town Church)
Monday, 11 December 2017 in 46min (11cwt)
1320 Plain Bob Doubles
1Jake Colton
2Josh Colton
3Jude Buckley
4Joe Berry
5Duncan Loweth (C)
6Will Le Ray
Rung for the Elizabeth College Senior Carol Service.
First on an inside bell – 2
First tower bell quarter peal by an all Elizabeth College band

Many many congratulations Duncan – you must be thrilled:-):-):-) Best wishes from all on Alderney


Spring meeting

Thank you for the comments and discussions taking place about the spring meeting.
Am I correct in assuming that those who have not replied are either happy with the proposed changes or indifferent. If so then it looks like we will be able to make the change and can prepare our bands accordingly.
I agree with the couple of comments that the guild’s wording for the touch choice is a sensible substitution.
Stephen makes a good point about the practice time not needing to be 10 minutes but equally I don’t want people to feel disadvantaged by a lack of familiarity time on the bells. Does anyone else want to comment on this?
For those concerned about the lack of focus for district team calibre ringers I am planning to have a focused practice for striking and more advanced methods on the day which I am sure will be more useful than just 8 people ringing together for one touch in the competition.
Richard raises a number of concerns. I don’t know if he saw my comments to his message as it went through Justin but essentially they boiled down to: trying to make the best of the situation, discussing on email is not ideal but the other option is to use time on the day when people have said they just want to ring. I’m not trying to do away with a district team in the guild competition, but rather arrange a more useful practice than a single touch in our 8-bell for a larger number of people who could be considered for the team which will bring on the next generation of top strikers as well as giving the current top 8 CI ringers to settle together as a band.
If I am wrong to assume the majority are happy to approve the changes please comment, either individually on the post or to a member of the district committee who can summarise the feedback into a comment. If anyone has any further feedback about the proposals, or the proposed amendments then please make them know sooner rather than later so we can start preparing our selves effectively to do our best in April
Thanks, Duncan
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Tonight at TC

Great to visit TC tonight – we rang triples and major all evening – plain hunt on 7, touches of plain bob triples & bob major, some treble bobbing on 8 & attempted St Clements bob major too:-) All very supportive, friendly & constructive – difficult to imagine a better way to spend an evening (unless of course you were on Alderney). Thanks for having me – HMMcG

Janice’s first inside

Town Church ringers were delighted to help Janice score her first QP ringing an inside bell today.

She rang the third bell to Plain Bob Doubles and rang confidently throughout.

This was also the first QP to be linked to New Method November – I hope there will be a few more over the coming weeks!


Alderney uses Long Length & Reading ringers for training

Setting up a full programme of training for the Alderney ringers was easy with so many great ringers on hand to strengthen the bands. Training was split between St Anne’s and Wells Bells – the new Channel Islands’ Ringing Centre. Over the week we ‘christened’ Wells Bells with a peal of Wells Delight with the band including John & June Wells. Then June ring her first plain course of bob max. Aaron scored his first quarter of treble bobbing on 8 in fine style as the band rang 8 spliced, Victoria rang her first qtr surprise major (Cambridge), Donald rang a qtr on the treble for bob triples & June rang the treble for a qtr of Grandsire triples. We rang a lovely peal of Grandsire triples which contained 2 first pealers – June on treble and Aaron on the tenor. We scored some very useful ‘revision’ quarters too – bob royal, 2 qtrs of Yorkshire major & another 8 spliced major meant everyone achieved something. Our regular practice night was far more interesting than usual and both our Sunday Service ringing & WW1 commemorative half-muffled ringing were all much more ‘professional’. There was much talk of Alderney becoming the new Lundy now we have an obviously available & very fine ring of 12 plus Wells Bells – we are waiting for the first enquiry