Minutes of Autumn Meeting, Sep 2018

AGM Minutes 9-18

Channel Island District Annual District Meeting

7th September 2018  Forest Church, Guernsey

Minutes of the meeting

See the district attendance book for names of those present

A welcome was extended to Marj and Alan Winter our judges and Mike Winterbourne, Guild Master.

Apologies for absence: N David, M Bubb, R Sherwood, B Linnecor, H McGregor, The Alderney Band, C Totty, J Lihou, S Le Feuvre, S Park, T Knight, O Palmer, B Garfield, J Hall, E Le Conte

Last year’s minutes :

John David raised a point about a comment made by Nicky about Wells Bells. The minutes were amended.

The amended minutes were passed

Matters arising:

John David asked about why the date of the ADM was changed from the usual 3rd Saturday of the month. Duncan replied that it was to avoid an ART event and several other CI events that complicate the travel and accommodation. It was unfortunate that it happened that ART moved their event date to today and that several people couldn’t make the ADM for a variety of reasons.

Ringing masters report

Duncan raised the topic of recruitment and invited cooperation and sharing of ideas between towers especially where towers have had success in recruitment. He thanked the membership for their continued effort and energy as we all benefit from each others’ contributions to our towers and islands.

Treasurers report

The treasurer summarised the accounts which had been previously circulated. In view of the healthy financial situation, he proposed no increase in subscriptions this year.

Peter Routier queried whether there are plans to use the money (£4000) in the bank.Duncan encouraged anyone who has a project which will benefit of teaching and learning, enrichment of our ringing or recruitment which needs funding to make an application for funding.

The accounts were adopted by the meeting – proposed by Peter Routier and seconded by Peter Bevis.

Election of officers

The current officers were willing to stand for re-election; no other candidates put themselves forward.

Stephen Rossiter proposed the officers to be elected en bloc. seconded by Judith Lainé. They were duly elected.

Election of new members

Joe Berry  (Elizabeth College)-  full member

Will Le Ray  (Town Church)- full member

Joseph Blake (Town Church) – Junior

Susie Gallienne (Vale) – Full

Ivan Sproats (St John) – Junior

Baraby Sproats (St John) – Junior

Eve Sproats (St John)- Junior

Joy Liggett (Forest) – Full

Proposed by John David and seconded by Louise Read


Mike Bubb had requested an explanation of why there have not been any copies of Les Cloches this year. Jane explained that we agreed to use a closed Facebook group and CIbells.com at the previous meeting. Peter Bevis made the point that it was sad that a long standing publication had ended but the age of paper is coming to and end and online blogs are more appropriate in these times. He explained that news items can be posted directly onto the website by emailing [email protected].  Stephen Rossiter made the point that we didn’t vote in a Les Cloches editor we voted in a webmaster. Peter encouraged the membership to share their news. Jane pointed out that whatever form the publication takes – paper or electronic, it is only as good as the news that is sent to it. The last paper newsletter was mostly written by two people. John David stated that what he wants in a newsletter is a record of quarters and peals, minutes of meetings, memberships, it doesn’t need to have reports of our ringing out of the islands and write ups of trips etc; but there should be a hard copy of the essential details. Louise pointed out that the membership decided to move away from this. John was concerned we might not have considered all of the implications when that decision was made. David Claire, Louise Read and Peter Bevis all commented that the website could be used to record these things and that anyone can print information from CIbells if they wanted a hard copy.

Jane suggested that having tried CIbells for only one year, we continue to use the website and maybe revisit it next year to see how it is going. She encouraged us to do as Peter suggested and send lots of news to the website.

Jane pointed out that the back of the Paul Taylor Shield was getting full with little shields recording winners and suggested we remove them and replace them with silver plaques which will accommodate many more years worth of winners. The district will pay for the new plaques and the engraving of the historic winners. The membership agreed

Jane thanked the Forest Band for hosting us this year, particularly Anne Dorey and her team for the lunch and cake provision. She also thanked Rev Claxton for the use of the Forest bells and Rev Datta for the use of St Peters bells.

Mike Winterbourne introduced ‘Tommy’, a perspex representation of a soldier who has toured the guild, ‘listening’ to our ringing and attending events. Tommy’s Journey is recorded on the W&P website. Mike thanked us for our welcome. He pointed out that the average age in this district is younger than any other and encouraged us to keep doing what we are doing as we’re doing a great job. He invited us to join in ringing on the mainland when we are able to.

Dates of the next meeting:

8 bell competition and spring meeting at Wells Bells, Alderney – Sat 27th April 201. Competition touch is Little Bob Major (WHWsH)x2.

ADM and 6 bell  competition at St Marks , Jersey – Sat 21st September 2019

Competition results

Alan thanked us for our welcome when they visited last year and thanks for inviting them back more formally this time. They consider it a compliment to be asked to judge the competition

He commented that the Forest bells  are ideal as a light 6 for a striking completion. The circle is the right size for the size of the bells and the ceiling is about the right height. The three layers of the bells makes a complication with the light bells on longer ropes but the solution is to pull the handstrokes a little harder. The bells are not at all flighty.

Practice time was used well.

Alan congratulated the teams on the fact that there were very few method mistakes . Any tower could be very please with the day’sstandard of ringing if reproduced for Sunday service.

Team A – rang Cambridge Minor (Plain course) 2h54m peal speed which he thought might be slow for the bells but it sounded like a good speed. Good handstoke gaps

Team B – Plain Bob Doubles. Plenty of rounds to let it settle. Nice rhythm. 2h49m.

Team C – Plain Bob Doubles. Strong rhythm. Excellent tenor (2h51)

Team D – Plain Bob Doubles. A little uncertain rhythm (2h49)

Team E – Grandsire Doubles. First lead a little difficult. Tenor very steady. 2h45m

Team F – called changes. Everybody lead as required. Lovely pull off and rounds at the start. Some uncertainty towards the end and came into rounds rather abruptly. Might have come a couple of places higher if it wasn’t for that.

Team G – Grandsire. Lovely to listen to, not quite agreed rhythm.

Marj – spent most of her tower bells at a 6 where people were learning and so has she generally have figured out how to get learners to pay attention to the rhythm. Other places ring by ‘follow the leader’ with no reference to the embedded rhythm. It was quite easy to judge because every team left her with an impression with the rhythm they were trying to express.

Allocation of faults is quite high because she listened to each blow – and was ‘extremely picky’. Very few changes were a complete write off. She explained that she allocated a ‘dot’ when she heard a fault.

7th place – 76 dots – Town Church

6th place – 66 dots – St. John B

4th place – 63 dots and 2 slashes – Elizabeth College and  St Peters/Forest

3rd – 60 dots -St John’s A

2nd – 26 dots – St Marks

1st – 22 dots – Scratch team

The Paul Taylor Shield was awarded to St Marks.

Jane thanked Marj and Alan for judging the competition as well as their contribution to the whole weekend (ringing in 7 quarter peals).