District Meetings & Striking Competitions

The Channel Islands aim to meet up twice a year, in the Spring & in the Autumn. Each of these meetings is hosted by a different island in strict rotation (& at different towers within that islands rotation). Autumn 2015 was on Guernsey (Vale) – won by the Town Church, Spring 2016 on Alderney – won by Alderney, Autumn 2016 Jersey (St John’s) – won by St Mark’s, Spring 2017 Guernsey (St Pierre du Bois), won by Jersey. Autumn 2017 Alderney – won by St Anne, Spring 2018 will be on Jersey (St John’s) & Autumn 2018 will be on Guernsey (Forest) etc. A business meeting takes place during the day and also a striking competition. The Jack Worrall trophy is awarded at the 8 bell inter-island competition held during the Spring meeting & The Taylor Trophy is competed for at the 6 Bell inter-tower competition held during the Autumn meeting. The Autumn meeting is the ADM when the Treasurer & Ringing Master give their reports & the officers are elected for the following year.

Current holder of Jack Worrall trophy is Jersey (Apr 22nd 2017)

Current holder of Taylor Trophy is St Anne’s, Alderney (Sept 16th 2017)

Next meetings is Sat April 28th 2018 on Jersey – judges David & Flick Warwick

Rules for CI District Annual 8 bell inter-island Competition – Spring Meeting

1. The venue will rotate around the islands in the same manner as the 6 bell competition

2. The committee will set the method & touch for each competition by the end of October for the following spring competition

3. Members of each team must be fully paid up members of the Guild and be a regular and active ringer in the island they represent.

4. The 2 visiting bands to have 15 mins practice on the morning of the competition

5. The order of ringing will be decided by ballot.

6. Each team to have 2 minutes practice.

7. The treble shall be rung to indicate that the team is about to commence the test piece.

8. The rounds before and after the test piece will be unmarked

Note: It is hoped that wherever possible a District team will ring 4th as a practice for the Guild 8 bell competition.


Rules for CI District Annual 6 bell inter-tower Competition- Autumn meeting

1. This will be a six-bell competition. A team will be eligible to enter the CI District striking competition if it emanates from a centre in which ringing is organised and practiced. Members of each team must be fully paid up members of the Guild. Where a ringer is a regular member of more than one centre they should be allowed to ring for both teams,

2. Each tower may enter up to two teams of which no more than two ringers may be common to both teams. This rule may be varied at the discretion of the District Committee

3. Call changes or any doubles or minor method will be allowed

4. Each band must strike 120 half pulls. Scoring will commence at the first change and cease upon coming into rounds. Any changes short will incur the maximum faults per change. Any changes in excess will continue to be marked and, therefore may accumulate extra faults. Call change bands must ensure that all bells except tenor, take an approximately equal turn at leading

5. It will be assumed that open handstroke leads are intended unless the conductor informs the organisers otherwise before commencing

6. Each individual ringer, on entering the tower, may pull off his bell and adjust his rope if necessary

7. Each team may practice rounds/changes for a maximum of 2 minutes and then stand

8. The treble shall be rung to indicate that the team is to commence the test piece

9. Scoring will be determined by the judge on the day

10.The order of ringing will be decided by ballot


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