6 bell Striking Competition

St. Mark’s Jersey win the Inter-Island 6 bell striking competition.

Congratulations go to St. Mark’s Jersey on their victory in the Striking competition. 6 bands entered this year, 3 from Guernsey and 3 from Jersey. Unfortunately due to a wedding commitment Alderney were unable to send a band.

Alan and Marjorie Winter from Cambridge were the judges, they congratulated each team on delivering some high quality ringing all of which would have been very acceptable on a Sunday morning. After a few general comments they delivered the following results:-

1st St. Mark’s Jersey – 26 Faults

2nd St. John’s A Jersey – 60 Faults

3rd (equal) Elizabeth College Guernsey – 63 Faults

3rd (equal) Forest Guernsey – 63 Faults

5th St. John’s B Jersey – 66 Faults

6th Town Church Guernsey – 76 Faults

Trophy.jpg  Winning Band.jpg

Pictures show William Read receiving the Trophy and the winning band.

Congratulations to all who entered.

Steve Rossiter



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