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With the advent of a Channel Island website a bi-annual newsletter has become obsolete. Rather than save up news so that interested parties can read it six months later, we have decided to use the power of the posts on this website to keep people up to date. Everyone is able to post news directly to the website by the simple expedient of emailing it to post [@] Please remove the square brackets and the spaces so that this becomes a normal email address in looking like [email protected], but spelled with a “p” instead of a “b”.  If you want to add pictures, a speadsheet or other attachments, simply attach them to your email. It really is as simple as that. So, when you send ringing emails to friends which might be enjoyed by a wider audience, just add our email address as a “cc”.

I will continue to ask towers to send in a brief report every six months and these will be published in the page Tower Reports.


Les Cloches is the bi-annual news letter for the Channel Island District, published up to 2017.

Any articles, news items, pictures, jokes, puzzles, etc. would be very gratefully received by the editor. Please email content to [email protected]

Recent copies are available online here:Cloche sample

August 2017 Issue 65 (view as eBook)
February 2017 Issue 64 (view as eBook)
August 2016 Issue 63 (view as eBook)
February 2016 Issue 62 (view as eBook)
August 2015 Issue 61 (view as eBook)
February 2015 Issue 60 (view as eBook)
August 2014 Issue 59
February 2014 Issue 58
August 2013 Issue 57
February 2013 Issue 56
August 2012 Issue 55
February 2012 Issue 54
August 2011 Issue 53
February 2011 Issue 52
August 2010 Issue 51