Six Bell Competition


Channel Island Inter-Tower 6 Bell Striking Competition

The bell towers of the Channel Islands became a District of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers in 1981. At the same time they decided to initiate a six-bell inter-tower striking competition to be held alongside the Annual District Meeting.

Tony Wolstenholme, a supporter of St Anne’s tower, Alderney, offered to provide a trophy as a permanent memorial to his late wife Patricia. Renewing his war-time friendship with Paul Taylor, owner of the John Taylor Bell Foundry at Loughborough, he was given a special casting, the Brasier-Watts Shield which depicts three bells, the mediaeval trademark of the forerunners of the John Taylor Bell Founders. A number of these shields were cast in bell metal – one of which forms the centre piece of the Channel Island Inter- Tower 6 Bell Striking Competition. This casting has been mounted on wood which carries the inscriptions ‘Our Mouths Shall Shew Forth Thy Praise’ and ‘In Memory of Patricia Wolstenholme 1923-1981’. It is known as The Paul Taylor Shield.

 Paul Taylor died shortly after the first competition in 1981, which was won by St Anne’s tower. In 1982 and 1983 Mrs Merle Taylor, widow of Paul, presented the trophy, again won by St Anne’s tower. The venue for the competition rotates around the towers of Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey annually each September.

On the reverse side of the trophy are miniature shields inscribed with the names of the winning towers

Update September 2022

After 40 years of good service the Taylor Shield was retired to its permanent home on the wall inside the church at St Annes. The Alderney band presented a new trophy to the District in Sept 2022, already recording their victory in Sept 2021 and hoping that the District deemed it a worthy successor to the magnificent shield.

The new trophy is made from oak fro the now redundant old frame and stands on a plinth of American black walnut. Made by local craftsman Chris Brown who was also responsible for creating the District 8 Bell Trophy. The trophy has 2 solid silver plaques mounted on it, one to identify it on the front and the larger rear one has room for the winners to be recorded chronologically for many years to come.




1981 St Anne Alderney
1982 St Anne Alderney
1983 St Anne Alderney
1984 St Anne Alderney
1985 St Michel du Valle Guernsey
1986 St Mark Jersey
1987 St Anne Alderney
1988 St Mark Jersey
1989 St Mark Jersey
1990 St John Jersey
2001 St Mark Jersey
2002 St John Jersey
2003 St Michel du Valle Guernsey
2004 St John Jersey
2005 St Pierre du Bois Guernsey
2006 St Pierre du Bois Guernsey
2007 St Mark Jersey
2008 St Michel du Valle Guernsey
2009 St Mark Jersey
2010 St Mark Jersey
1991 St Michel du Valle Guernsey
1992 St John Jersey
1993 St John Jersey
1994 St John Jersey
1995 St John Jersey
1996 St John Jersey
1997 St Marguerite de la Foret Guernsey
1998 St John Jersey
1999 St John Jersey
2000 St John Jersey
2011 St Anne Alderney
2012 St Mark Jersey
2013 St Mark Jersey
2014 St Anne Alderney
2015 Town Church Guernsey
2016 St Mark Jersey
2017 St Anne Alderney
2018 St Mark Jersey
2019 St Mark Jersey
2020 St Anne Alderney

2021                  St Anne                              Alderney

2022                  St Anne                              Alderney