District 40th Anniversary

Channel Islands District is 40 years old

As evidenced by a record in the original District minutes book The Channel Islands District was brought into being on 6th July 1981.

At the spring meeting in 2021 it was resolved that this milestone should not go unrecognised.

Using the W&P Guild handbook for 1981 then a number of Founder Members were identified

Consideration is currently being given to:

a) Having quarter peals in all CI District towers during July 2021.

b) Over the ADM weekend in September 2021 both arranging a quarter peal involving any Founder Member wishing to take part and also a quarter peal of Ruby Alliance Major with a band representing all 3 islands.

c) Over the ADM weekend in September 2021 holding a 40th anniversary dinner.

See below for the reports of our foundation as submitted by Jack Worrall to The Ringing World