22 ringers and friends from the Coventry area descended on Alderney on Weds Sept 5th. With the first half of the group arriving at 8.45 and the final stragglers leaving on the 18.20 we had their company for the whole day. Ringing took place at both St Anne’s and the Training Centre, and we also gave some of the group their first taste of handbell ringing. The group were of mixed experience and of course very friendly so the local ringers were invited to join them at both towers. Everyone had an opportunity to explore the island and all reported a very clear intention to return for a ‘proper’ holiday – not just a day trip.

Photo: some of the Coventry ringers in St Anne’s belfry

Channel Island Ringing Centre – Renamed

Alderney ringers took advantage of counting the wife of the President of Alderney amongst their number, to seek the blessing of the First Couple of Alderney on the name change of the Channel Islands’ Ringing Centre.

There has been some debate over the choice of the original name of this facility, almost from the first and the ringers of Alderney held a competition to rename it in March. This was won by veteran ringer Maurice Stupart, who wished to dedicate it to the tower with the longest tradition of excellence in the Channel Islands, S. Michael du Valle in Guernsey.

So it with great pride that 15 ringers turned out this morning to listen to Stuart Trought, President of Alderney, formally open the renamed S. Michael du Valle Ringing Centre, in Longis Bay, Alderney.

Stuart and Jane Trought open the S. Michael du Valle Ringing Centre, April 1, 2018

Alderney ringer moved to Perth, WA

Alderney Ringer now in Perth, WA

Helen McGregor & Peter Bevis have been touring Australia and New Zealand since early January, and of course ringing as many bells as they could find. While at St George’s Cathedral in Perth, WA they met Kate Thomson (nee Dover). Kate told them she was the daughter of Jane & Tony Dover who ran the Post Office in Victoria St – before it was moved into the newsagents. Kate and her parents learned to ring on Alderney in 1990 under the guidance of then resident Tony Fortin.  After leaving Alderney in 1992 Kate’s family moved to Shropshire then Devon & finally Cornwall. Kate moved to Australia 11 years ago after marrying an Australian; she now rings regularly with the band in Perth.

Alderney news

The Alderney ringers are delighted to record that June Banister has passed the highest level of the Learning the Ropes pathway to success in ringing & is now a qualified Change Ringer. The training scheme was launched 5 years ago – there are only 79 ‘graduates’ so far reaching Level 5 and two of them are on Alderney:-)

Maurice will be enjoying his 93rd birthday on Weds 13th Dec so at practice on Mon 11th we rang 93 changes of Cambridge Minor (SBP(P))before singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and enjoying a slice of birthday cake