In the process of discussing the proposals for change to the 8 bell competition I took some comments to heart and in that frustration and sadness made unfair inferences and accusations toward Richard Hérrissier. In particular I commented on his stepping in at the Town Church Striking Competition to take over as umpire for the competition; I made an unpleasant remark about how he had umpired the competition suggesting that he had purposefully chosen to apply his own rules, disregarding the intended rules, thinking that his interpretation had better outcomes for those involved. Whilst I had no major issue with this at the time, knowing that he had given up his day to run the competition and did so in the best way he could, I drew a parallel with his critique of my proposal to amend the 8 bell competition and alleged that he was only interested in discussing changes that he didn’t agree. On a public platform I described his character in a poor state and made inferences which were not fair. If anyone read my comments before they were removed I would like to publicly retract them. I commented at the Town Church how grateful I was to Richard for his help on the day and I was and still am. I hold Richard in high regard and I appreciate that he takes the running of the district seriously and challenges things he does not agree with.
Richard, I am sorry for what I wrote. I took some comments that were made personally, whether they were intended as such or not, and in frustration I did not consider the implications of my reply. I am sad that I have upset you and I hope that in time we can interact in a friendly manner again.

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