The Master’s Maltesers

At each ADM  The Master’s Maltesers are awarded to the CI ringer who has made the biggest contribution to ringing over the last year – this can be ringing something challenging themselves but is more likely to be helping others achieve their goals – no matter how modest.

The run away winner 2015/2016 was Duncan Loweth. Not only by achieving his target of 30 peals in his 30th year – necessarily boosting most other Guernsey ringers peal totals but in teaching so many youngsters on Guernsey that his was able to bring not one but two teams of youngsters to ring on Jersey Sept 17th, necessitating an overnight stay. AND as if that wasn’t enough – to avoid them having to sit through our service & meeting – he organised a trip to Creepy Valley to ensure they had a great day AND he took youngsters from other teams with him to Creepy Valley – the man is a Saint

Winner for 2016/17 – Richard Herrissier for services to CI Simulator Ringing & installing The Field in St Martin’s.

Please can Duncan have nominations for next years Master’s Maltesers by the end of August